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NHL Highlights | Avalanche vs. Bruins - December 3, 2022

  • čas přidán 2. 12. 2022

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  • bob kuboske

    It's wild, you just never know what system is gonna give a goalie a chance to succeed. I would have never predicted Ullmark to have a season this good ever. Hopefully he stays healthy

  • Richard 1

    This Bruins team dominates!! I mean it DOMINATES. This is the best Bruins team I have not seen in many years. These guys have everything in sync. It is FAST and FURIOUS . The passing is right on. Who is going to beat them in the Playoffs. Lets see if this Bruins team can get it done and win a Stanley Cup.

  • Biff Danielson

    As an avalanche fan, I have to say those Boston reverse retro jerseys are fire.

  • John Shields

    Born in Boston 1960 I grew up playing hockey, bruins haven't looked this good in forever, maybe 70,71 with Orr, 2011, they are fore checking, back checking, doing all the little things right.

  • Das Reich

    14-0 at home, 20-3 overall...GO 🐻!

  • Billy Feral

    That play with the net coming off is only a goal if it's for the Maple leafs apparently

  • Frank Silbermann

    The Bruins are spectacular

  • Steven Kramer

    If the Bruins go .500 at home the remainder of the season they'd still have twice as many wins as losses.

  • Bruins Guy

    Bruins have 3 losses this year

  • big_red01027

    One goal allowed against the defending champs. Damn, Ullmark.

  • Bruins Guy

    Put up 5 on the defending champs, allowed 1 that wouldn’t have even happened if mac and flinger didn’t collide, this team is legendary

  • KPOV
    KPOV  +32

    Boston is on fire right now and I expected the Eagles to take the L tonight. Only so much we can do at this point.

  • carolean

    Bruins are so good they scored 6 goals in a 5-1 win

  • Ksushkalox

    Просто разорвали Колорадо. Бостон отлично идёт, но в ПО другой хоккей будет.

  • Сергей Гаденов

    Как играют! Просто летают и пох... Какой соперник.В этом сезоне особенно,сыгранность,взаимопонимание и конечно мастерство,вперёд за кубком...

  • Andrus Tulgas

    My emotions just 💣💥

  • Sasha & Savisha

    Bruins are a great passing team. Very tough at home.

  • Jeff Silverberg

    These two Teams could be in the Finals, maybe. Bruins looks amazing. Looking forward to the end of the season, and let the games begin.

  • Bruins Coverage Productions

    Another day, another Bruins win!

  • Johan Jotun

    Boston's working like a well oiled machine.