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While soaring in fame, Matthew Perry says life was ‘out of control’ off camera: Part 3

  • čas přidán 27. 10. 2022

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  • Abilash Menon

    Huge respect for Matthew Perry! Glad he’s out of it now and doing well for himself

  • Cláudio Enor Freitas

    May God bless you and keep you healthy and well. He didn't let you die, because you had a testimony to give...All the best to you ...from Brazil a big fan of yours...now even more. It takes guts to go out there and tell your story. Congratulations.

  • mary strenke

    I feel too sorry for that guy, he's going through too much, and it's me...😭

  • Patricia Beristain

    Good to know that is fine now.

  • Ivan Baric

    For what ever reason , you are alive . Telling your story will save lives , many many lives . Respect !

  • Molly Strachan

    deeply grateful for this man ♥

  • Tyler Catron

    I started with pills after a skateboarding injury at 18 after a few years I moved on to heroin and the fentanyl. Everything he says is so relatable! I did things I thought I'd never do... stealing pills from people, money, manipulation. Luckily after 4 overdoses I got away from it... I've been sober 6 years now! Thanks for sharing this mathew maybe it will help people to reach out.

  • dawson
    dawson  +7

    The reality is that no one wanted to say or do anything because they were afraid that it would affect his acting and maybe just maybe Matthew's addictions were what made his on-screen personality. And no one wanted to lose that success they had so they let him be and give him the generic we know what you are doing so here try excercising blah blah. They all could have said they are not going to film anymore until he gets help. Basicly everyone looking out for their own interests unfortunately.

  • Michelle K Schrantz

    brave, brilliant, real guy.

  • debbie debbie

    I adore you Matty. Sending you the biggest, longest healing Mom hugs to you, sent through the Universe, right to your beautiful Soul. ❤️❤️❤️ Never give up. You have angels supporting you, wherever you go. Thank you very much for not giving up.🍀☝️♥️🙏❤️

  • anniek55112

    It’s so amazing that he is doing this interview. All the best to him. He deserves to be free of addiction.

  • Brenda Shelton

    WOW I really do get everything you went through cuz I did it too. Thank the Lord I got on Suboxone after My 20+ year I addiction to opiates. I'm 3+years clean now. I hope you stay sober and have a great life..

  • Teresa Lynne

    I'm so moved that he is so vulnerable and courageous being world famous and sharing his darkest moments. So glad he is healing and coming back. I know he is hoping to help others. Here he is this incredibly successful person at the height of fame and wealth in his industry and he's saying, how much that doesn't matter. Much LOVE Matthew. You're a good person and that matters the most.

  • Jonathan Mosley

    The fact that all through those struggles he was able to pull off acting in Friends and keeping us laughing and none the wiser to the turmoil within him…that truly is worth an Oscar!!!

  • Rheanna Hoffmann

    This was just one of the most raw, intimate, beautiful pieces of journalism and storytelling I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations to you Matthew and thank you for your bravery, openness and vulnerability. Well done Diane, for holding him and highlighting him throughout this. Editing was spot on

  • Sneha Praveen
    Sneha Praveen Před 28 dny +1

    This is heartbreaking. Friends got me through so much in life. His humour has made me laugh in bad times.

  • Jenessa Sierra

    Nice to see more and more celebrities opening up about their addictions.

  • MacDawg09
    MacDawg09  +67

    As a recovered alcoholic I really appreciate people opening up about this. Unfortunately this is very much a normal thing in society today. Addicts need reprieve. They don't need persecution. Give love and safety. I never wanted to die in the depths of my addiction, but I also didn't mind if my addiction took me. Love to all that struggle.

  • Matt Patterson

    Heartbreaking to hear what he has been through. His character has given me so much laughter and joy over the years and it’s so horrible to hear how addiction has affected him. I truly hope he can stay on the path of healing for the rest of his life.

  • Jess Riverrain

    My husband struggled with pills too. We watched this together.He’s doing well now but thank you Matthew for sharing this, it will save people. I love chandler and you. So grateful you are still here. I can’t wait to read this ❤