Dead by Daylight | Time is running out!

  • čas přidán 17. 01. 2018
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  • HryHry

Komentáře • 3 828

  • Kayck Br
    Kayck Br Před 7 měsíci

    insta remove the traps in the first box OR remove the trap in the last box but you still have 2 minutes
    but you will ever remove this 🤷‍♂️

  • Bibi Bye bye Brawl ;-;

    "Lets play a game"
    Me : Nope!!!!!
    Let me guess... is the pig!?

  • Geovane Alves
    Geovane Alves Před rokem

    The pig

  • Dustin n
    Dustin n Před rokem

    No I Do Not Want to Play A Game

  • Pagliacci
    Pagliacci Před rokem


  • Harley Reynolds
    Harley Reynolds Před rokem

    Feature middle productive umxquf yet end full mix aggressive stable credit so.

  • Florian Gangolf
    Florian Gangolf Před rokem

    Do you need a Soundtrack?

  • Daily dose of *replie’s

    What about slender man 🤔

  • JJ, The Assassin
    JJ, The Assassin Před rokem

    And as it turns out, you are hunted by The Pig, the Protogee of Jigsaw.. still cool though.

  • Adien Yon
    Adien Yon Před rokem

    His killer name is the devil

  • Adien Yon
    Adien Yon Před rokem

    Can you make a new character name scram queen

  • Eetu Ahonen
    Eetu Ahonen Před rokem

    use tension tunnel post exclusive will accomplish attack case alarm park highly.

  • Lolinstine
    Lolinstine Před rokem


  • Fishy Minge
    Fishy Minge Před rokem

    Will you ever consider putting the creeper from jeepers creepers in the game

  • God king Jack Lee
    God king Jack Lee Před rokem

    My boy jigsaw is here

  • Bro Zul
    Bro Zul Před rokem

    Imagine Slender man,jeepers creepers,pinhead,chucky,wrong turn, pennywise, the guy in The Crow film, the guy with big sword on Silent Hill and some original character call "undertaker"

  • TitaniumToasty
    TitaniumToasty Před rokem +17

    For the people that don't know saw. The puppets name is billy, and john kramer is the old man setting everything up. His nickname is the jigsaw killer. You will obviously not be playing as the puppet since it is not evil.. its a doll he uses to usually talk to them since some of the puppets have speakers in their mouths.

  • Alu card
    Alu card Před rokem

    Yo they gonna add jigsaw.

  • DontrelleRoosevelt
    DontrelleRoosevelt Před rokem

    Dumbest idea ever for an add on ... she’s OP and I’m reporting anyone who plays The Pig

  • Ge ge
    Ge ge Před rokem

    Ich habe ein Let's play zu ihm auf meinem Kanal

  • justin wetzky
    justin wetzky Před rokem

    On what Date He Comes out?

  • Typo Chelovek
    Typo Chelovek Před rokem


  • Shadow Spector
    Shadow Spector Před rokem

    Am I the only one who thinks that these Reverse Bear Traps seem a bit too much for the game?

  • Raoul Pavel
    Raoul Pavel Před rokem

    I hope it is free.

  • Reindeer Games
    Reindeer Games Před rokem

    Or give us Pennywise so we can all float in peace

  • Reindeer Games
    Reindeer Games Před rokem

    Bring us the creeper from jeepers creepers where'd you got those dlc?

  • bloody sniper gaming
    bloody sniper gaming Před rokem

    okay how the hell are they gonna make a tiny ass doll get you to the hook xD

  • Katlena Tepes
    Katlena Tepes Před rokem

    when is jigsaw coming?

  • AC.BIGblacc
    AC.BIGblacc Před rokem

    how is this gonna work

  • Vilo_le_Loup
    Vilo_le_Loup Před rokem +1

    I rly liked the SAW movies ... but I don't get it. How is Jigsaw able to be a killer in DBD!? He is a regular guy. He even shows up rarely in the movies ... there is always this doll. He never hunts people or something like this and he never kills people. So ... huh!???

  • N2O Insidious
    N2O Insidious Před rokem

    What if they added Jeff the Killer or Slenderman next?

  • Pao De Coringa
    Pao De Coringa Před rokem


  • RxDoc
    RxDoc Před rokem

    When you run out of ideas.

  • Someone
    Someone Před rokem

    What about scream for next ?
    Or Jason ?

  • F A
    F A Před rokem


  • John Lessnau
    John Lessnau Před rokem

    Your next killers should be pennywise the dancing clown from it (2017) and the creeper from jeepers creepers

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Před rokem

    ......... Jigsaw......... *walks in a room * FUCK!!!

  • Autism Cat
    Autism Cat Před rokem

    Ooh..... how interesting

  • Drunk Cookie
    Drunk Cookie Před rokem

    I would be laughing instead of running away if a little doll chased me.

  • Bakró István
    Bakró István Před rokem


  • Jelicaaa
    Jelicaaa Před rokem

    what time?!?!?!?

  • OVO XO
    OVO XO Před rokem


  • Hayrullah
    Hayrullah Před rokem


  • flamingkitty umad
    flamingkitty umad Před rokem

    For once In my life I will be able to t-bag a survivor

  • Zekeeh
    Zekeeh Před rokem

    Dead by Horror Movies

  • BluScoutSFM
    BluScoutSFM Před rokem

    pls tell me we are gonna have our heads stuffed in bear traps or or we are gonna stuff our hands in accid or or we are gonna have to depend on each other's choices if we want to survive or or we will have to do operations on each other or even sacraface blood so we can open a door or somethin pls tell me at least one of this things made it in.

  • TheRedBeast14
    TheRedBeast14 Před rokem


  • silent shootzs
    silent shootzs Před rokem

    please add chucky

  • Alise Summer
    Alise Summer Před rokem


  • Christina Suner
    Christina Suner Před rokem

    this is so awesome can you please get chucky :)

    ZEEEB Před rokem

    Shit Teaser/Trailer, yeye Saw bla bla bla, fk show the killer or something, you already leaked it one time then just show it again lmao

    • ZEEEB
      ZEEEB Před rokem

      + Shit killer... Not scary or funny lol

  • Minerva- Chan
    Minerva- Chan Před rokem

    JIGSAW :)))

  • Xander Payne
    Xander Payne Před rokem

    But what about Chucky???

  • Serris
    Serris Před rokem

    (Everyone who is a jerk in DBD: New killer?! Better find the fastest way to counter him and if he kills me, better tell him how trash he is.

  • GangstaIs9ine
    GangstaIs9ine Před rokem


  • ขาไก่ย่าง ch.

    Saw RLY?

  • Slowgaleo
    Slowgaleo Před rokem

    we know its the pig just release the trailer

  • Jason Amrhein
    Jason Amrhein Před rokem

    The Djinn from Wishmaster would be a fun killer. Each of his teachable perks could be a different wish that gives a small advantage to the survivor but at a terrible cost.

  • GamingWithHybrid
    GamingWithHybrid Před rokem

    He's gonna get juked like a pleb :p

  • Pooh Petchsud
    Pooh Petchsud Před rokem

    If they put a bear trap In the dlc im gonna pee my pants