Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)

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  • Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)
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    Directed by: Miles & AJ
    Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions (
    Executive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera
    Line Producer: Kai Yuricich
    DP: Geoffrey Taylor
    Commissioner: Vincenza Conticchio
    #Candy #HotelDiablo #MachineGunKelly #TrippieRedd #MGK
    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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  • Trampoleen
    Trampoleen Před dnem

    Trippie and MGK: *full on rapping*'

    Pete Davidson: I'm just here to socialise.

  • Sam Ico
    Sam Ico Před dnem +1

    3:18 was fucking cringeee

  • xd Daniel
    xd Daniel Před dnem

    People who still dislike MGK videos because of Eminem:🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Krazey Drippz
    Krazey Drippz Před dnem

    Anyone just jump up bumping this song

  • dinesh bagade
    dinesh bagade Před dnem

    what trash did i just listen

  • Wherethewildthingsare


  • Negin Dehqani
    Negin Dehqani Před dnem

    I love you so much , your voice and music is so touching

  • Negin Dehqani
    Negin Dehqani Před dnem

    Incredibly incredible ✌️😘😍😍😍😍

  • Negin Dehqani
    Negin Dehqani Před dnem

    This is amazing

    LION FOR LAMBS Před dnem

    Lil peep beat?

  • Antonio Harden
    Antonio Harden Před dnem

    Your moms what?

  • Zillymonkey
    Zillymonkey Před dnem

    all i can think of when i see this is sad rappers

  • The Masoko
    The Masoko Před dnem

    There are no words for how much I hate Trippie Red

  • Mikkel Thomsen Varmer

    I love watching pom
    You that read wrong
    You read that wrong too
    You read that twice to make sure you didnt read that wrong

  • Данила Ivanov
    Данила Ivanov Před dnem

    Name actor 0:23-0:28

  • didgeteria
    didgeteria Před dnem

    Pink suit suits ya , MgaylordK .
    Trippie , kys .

  • Legend YT
    Legend YT Před dnem

    I love this combo for some reason... just me?😂

  • TJ Savage
    TJ Savage Před dnem

    I love this song and all of trippie red's 20 second appearance

  • ᅳ-FC바이언
    ᅳ-FC바이언 Před dnem

    몰랐는데 켈리 ㄹㅇ 잘생겼네 키도크고

  • moji goli
    moji goli Před dnem

  • Jhonny Becchino
    Jhonny Becchino Před dnem

    MGK are a rocketlauncher.

    EMINEM are a Meteorite. but i like them two btw :)))

  • ShawnTheSheep 337
    ShawnTheSheep 337 Před dnem

    Lil peep vibe

  • I'm Young
    I'm Young Před dnem

    MGK haircut looks nice 👌

  • Eloy Ochoa
    Eloy Ochoa Před dnem

    Why he trying to steal peeps style ?....

  • christian vlogs a
    christian vlogs a Před dnem +2

    ₱ⱤØĐɄ₵ɆⱤ₴: ⱧØ₩ ₥₳₦Ɏ ₮ł₥Ɇ₴ ɎØɄ ₲Ø₦₦₳ ɎɆ₳Ⱨ
    ₥₲₥: ɎɆ₳Ⱨ

    RASTAM GAMING Před dnem

    *Ohh i thought eminem has destroyed your carreer*

  • Amy Rogers
    Amy Rogers Před dnem +1


  • Aetreus
    Aetreus Před dnem

    Mgk out here looking like Mike Dirnt

  • Justin Cowell
    Justin Cowell Před dnem

    Damn this song is shit pretty much like all his other music but that's how it is there's good rappers and shitty rappers

  • Lama Cool
    Lama Cool Před dnem


  • Mortal
    Mortal Před dnem +3

    Man it been 10 months since this guy died rip

  • Bear James
    Bear James Před dnem

    Song is straight trash!!!!

  • Click Click
    Click Click Před dnem +1

    Hes trying to fix the damage from em's comeback?

  • Why am I still Alive

    What has Eminem done to him

  • Anthony Pittman
    Anthony Pittman Před dnem

    I only pressed on this video for trippie redd🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • J.H.K Gaming
    J.H.K Gaming Před dnem +1

    When you rob a store in GTA 5 and just wants some candy.

  • Milo Marshall
    Milo Marshall Před dnem +1

    I'm a huge fan

  • So Nick
    So Nick Před dnem

    assholes bro, be practically telling kids to do drugs

  • Izaquiel Souza
    Izaquiel Souza Před dnem +1


  • rebel rider
    rebel rider Před dnem +1

    This is surprisingly good

  • Rubio
    Rubio Před dnem +1

    "Just bought a whip for my granny" thats a mood

  • Davidosss 07,04
    Davidosss 07,04 Před dnem


  • tonto 6969
    tonto 6969 Před dnem

    Is this mf trying to be lil peep??

  • Anderson flores
    Anderson flores Před dnem

    Ya te puedes sentar? Xddd

  • Joe Reymundo
    Joe Reymundo Před dnem

    So what’s the message in here mgk? You day listen and I always do but often times lately your not getting your message across! You have a daughter bro, how about throw a line about its not helping, but instead you use upbeat melody to make it catchy. Disappointed bro. I love your old shit, and glsss house is good but your losing something bro time for a metamorphosis like Eminem did.

  • Wreckatnite
    Wreckatnite Před dnem +1

    On the beach chillin where the sand be at... idk for some reason that's just pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • mohamed said
    mohamed said Před dnem


  • Kent Gonzaga
    Kent Gonzaga Před dnem +1


  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson Před dnem

    This guy is shit at rap

  • Bambang Dika
    Bambang Dika Před dnem

    is this the same machine guy kelly,eminem just murdered? so he still making song eh? lol

  • N8 DGAF
    N8 DGAF Před dnem +1

    "What's wrong with you goonies?" 😂😂😂

  • TripleeEz Dennis
    TripleeEz Dennis Před dnem


    GGEZ LOL Před dnem

    Good movie mgk

  • Mr Szom
    Mr Szom Před dnem

    Machine gun Kelly? More like potato gun kelly

    STREET_ FIGHTE423 Před dnem

    I dont like this song just mgk stole trippies flow and its so catchy

  • sergi0 .559
    sergi0 .559 Před dnem

    Like if he's gonna blow up

  • Victor Rivera
    Victor Rivera Před dnem +1

    Trippie and MGK sound good together looking forward to some more collabs

  • Mitchell Neal
    Mitchell Neal Před dnem +1

    Trippie verse is tough. Cant find anything else by him I like as well as this

  • Colorfastrex
    Colorfastrex Před dnem +1

    This song is good asf

    MIJU GAMING Před dnem +1

    Producer:What rhymes with candy?
    Mgk: mandy
    Producer: what rhymes with mandy?
    Trippie Redd: *damage*

  • Jaxon Raya
    Jaxon Raya Před dnem

    soundcloud rapper?

  • run5_resse XD
    run5_resse XD Před dnem

    Were is the feat I thought MGK died by slim

  • The outlaw Jesse Games

    Mgk you suck

  • OreOz X
    OreOz X Před dnem +1

    All the dislikes must be Eminem fans

    Wait.. I am 😊

  • Oh yeah yeah With no videos

    This comment will drown in the sea of comments

  • Isaiah Laflamme
    Isaiah Laflamme Před dnem

    Is that a sigoret or weed just in that sigoret that has weed in it

  • Dont Watch
    Dont Watch Před dnem

    Is it me or does trippie kill the mood of the song?

  • D T
    D T Před dnem

    lmao "thicc drip"

  • Bae
    Bae Před dnem

    gay asf

  • Kae Garrett
    Kae Garrett Před dnem +1

    mgk looks fucking dead inside

  • rayshawn sidney
    rayshawn sidney Před dnem +1

    why does trippie red look like a alien #REALSHIT

  • Ungster_22
    Ungster_22 Před dnem +1

    take a shot of water every time kelly says yeah
    me:**fucking drowns**

  • gage smith
    gage smith Před dnem +1

    Hard asf

  • Renea Wozniak
    Renea Wozniak Před dnem

    Sorry kids if your gonna try to convince yourselves this song has a message like kids doing drugs and the opioid crisis that would've maybe worked until trippie redds nonsense verse. And calling drugs candy only furthurs negative marketing to

  • Diesel 2 Dollars
    Diesel 2 Dollars Před dnem

    Drugs will mess you up wake up early and work until the sun sets, Benjamin Franklin said: Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise

  • Dexpaful 25
    Dexpaful 25 Před dnem +1

    i love to know who direct this video

  • BlazingBuddha
    BlazingBuddha Před dnem


    RAD & AJ GAMES Před dnem +3

    Producer: How many times do you wanna say yeah?
    Mgk and trippie in harmony: YeAh

  • The Trippie Hippie
    The Trippie Hippie Před dnem +1

    Bars fr. I love you both including Pete, the Billy and mandy was bars you have to excuse me I'm on my meds again 1🤯😂😂

  • Marvin Walker Jr.
    Marvin Walker Jr. Před dnem

    Trippie snapped.

  • Calum McArthur
    Calum McArthur Před dnem


  • JK3 Official
    JK3 Official Před dnem +2

    Good vibe😈

    JOSHUA GAMING340 Před dnem

    This is ass😭

  • Rubio
    Rubio Před dnem +1

    Who's here from the impaulsive podcast?

  • Mazen ovic
    Mazen ovic Před dnem +1


  • Balbir Nanuan
    Balbir Nanuan Před dnem +1

    First time Kelly got a lot of views quickly

  • Fantino Lazzerini
    Fantino Lazzerini Před dnem


  • zori
    zori Před dnem


  • Al Murphy
    Al Murphy Před dnem +1

    Just put yourself in a coffin trippie you look dead already!!!

  • Chocolate Midget
    Chocolate Midget Před dnem

    Don't do drugs kids.

  • ScottoMalo
    ScottoMalo Před dnem

    its not cool to be sad kids

  • Dylan Suominen
    Dylan Suominen Před dnem

    Dis frr terrible

  • FastLifeTV
    FastLifeTV Před dnem +1

    "if your mom is sick then why did you cough?" lmao

  • Luis Miguel Trejo
    Luis Miguel Trejo Před dnem

    Mgk "I Need to fix this damage yeahh"

    Eminem "I'm sorry"

    ZIMINIAR - Před dnem +2

    Why does trippie redd look like Sid the science kid ?

    ZIMINIAR - Před dnem

    Pete looks like a addict

  • Anthony Marks
    Anthony Marks Před dnem

    First i thought this was all trippie redd