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    You will love this collection of science experiments that will blow your mind! You can have a lot of fun together with your friends! Watch this video and find a lot of cool experiments like optical effects, soap tesseract, da Vinci bridge and more!
    The first experiment is cool! Even kids could make this experiment and have a lot of fun together! Grown-ups will be also amazed by this trick! Watch the video and find a floating ink experiment easy tutorial. Draw any shape on a mirror or dish. Pour water on it and immediately place in a big bowl with water. Your picture will float. Isn’t it cool?
    The next experiment will help to make cool photos. Take a piece of sticky tape and attach to the smartphone's camera. Next, cover the camera with a pink marker and yellow color after. Now you have spectral decomposition effect.
    As a bonus, you will find the next colorful experiment: take a tray of round shape and pour some milk on it to fully cover the surface. Next, add several drops of food coloring. For example, you can choose blue, green, red and pink. In the center of the tray add a big drop of any color and put the cotton ball dipped in dish soap on it. Enjoy the magic!

    00:15 Floating ink experiment
    01:03 Da Vinci bridge
    01:38 How to make cool photos
    04:33 Racing spiders
    09:52 Experiments with magnets

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