Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me

  • čas přidán 23. 10. 2019
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    Music video by Selena Gomez performing Lose You To Love Me. © 2019 Interscope Records
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  • SelenaGomezVEVO
    SelenaGomezVEVO  Před dnem +265558

    This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.

  • Young Orange
    Young Orange Před 28 vteřinami +1

    Director: how many transitions do you want?
    Selena: *yes*

  • caio alves
    caio alves Před 29 vteřinami


  • Nutro
    Nutro Před 31 vteřinou

    80% Spanish Comments 20% English? O_O? why xD

  • Karolo Gomez
    Karolo Gomez Před 31 vteřinou


  • مَيِّدِوِ مَشٍأّګلَ

    لو موجود عربي يترجملي ي قوم😂

  • charlotte mallentjer
    charlotte mallentjer Před 32 vteřinami

    Been waiting so long for new music and it’s amazing!!!!

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    "LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME" Trending on CHclip
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    #34 BOSNIA&H.

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres Před 32 vteřinami


  • kıral cemre
    kıral cemre Před 32 vteřinami

    03:16 she said goodbye for us dudee this is so meaningfull

  • Simone Costa
    Simone Costa Před 32 vteřinami

    Você merece o melhor do mundo, linda.

  • Veronika Zalewsky
    Veronika Zalewsky Před 33 vteřinami

    I just realized how empty my life was without this song. Love you Sel for that and for everything 💕💕💕 kisses from Poland

  • Ульяна Ульяна
    Ульяна Ульяна Před 38 vteřinami

    Hooray 😁 I love 💕 you Selena. This song very good. ❤️

  • Dilara Bektaş
    Dilara Bektaş Před 38 vteřinami +1

    Türkleri görelim 💜🇹🇷

  • Dreamy Dani
    Dreamy Dani Před 38 vteřinami

    She's back finally

  • A
    A Před 39 vteřinami +1

    Best song and video of the year. I really felt this one.

  • Rv Fz
    Rv Fz Před 41 vteřinou


  • Zafar Ashraf
    Zafar Ashraf Před 41 vteřinou

    "I needed to lose you to love me" ❤❤❤❤

  • rosario alicia ruiz canales
    rosario alicia ruiz canales Před 41 vteřinou

    #1 en Perú

  • Nacho Friend
    Nacho Friend Před 42 vteřinami

    That black lace veil shot at the end is symbolic AF.

  • Belisaris Cruz
    Belisaris Cruz Před 42 vteřinami

    Selena es perfecto esto como sucedió todo.

  • Cant Deliver
    Cant Deliver Před 44 vteřinami


  • Ebrar P.M
    Ebrar P.M Před 44 vteřinami

    Love from Turkey❤

  • Karime Martinez
    Karime Martinez Před 48 vteřinami


  • Oussama Ait sidi hamou
    Oussama Ait sidi hamou Před 48 vteřinami +1

    Morocan : like

  • Just Andjela
    Just Andjela Před 52 vteřinami

    I'm Belieber. I like Hailey, but this girl... God she's amazing.

    KIDS TIME Před 52 vteřinami

    *лайк, чтоб мама не когда не болела*

  • Charvi Jindal
    Charvi Jindal Před 53 vteřinami

    genuinely loved this

  • Qiang Wang
    Qiang Wang Před 53 vteřinami

    I love it so much, and the song is so touching

  • Jessica
    Jessica Před 54 vteřinami


  • agustina servetto
    agustina servetto Před 54 vteřinami +1

    Me siento tan identificada💔

  • Tejas vlv
    Tejas vlv Před 55 vteřinami

    Before listing song ( ☺ )
    During premier ( 😊 )
    After listening the song ( 😐 )
    After listing 2 time ( 😭 )

  • Evenie K.
    Evenie K. Před 55 vteřinami


  • Tamires Santana
    Tamires Santana Před 57 vteřinami


  • Atharv Phapagire
    Atharv Phapagire Před minutou +1

    Selina's fans from India please like...👍👍👍

  • snsdx monsta
    snsdx monsta Před minutou

    Queen is backkk

  • Sanjay Mohunta
    Sanjay Mohunta Před minutou

    This should've been on 13 Reasons why season 3

  • Lisandro Sousa
    Lisandro Sousa Před minutou


  • Cisco Javier
    Cisco Javier Před minutou


  • very low price's
    very low price's Před minutou

  • digbijay rao
    digbijay rao Před minutou

    Love itz #waiting alot #loveform #India

  • Kel Sütlü kahve
    Kel Sütlü kahve Před minutou

    Who know the clip record from iphone 11 pro max

  • Fahrul Rahman Saputra
    Fahrul Rahman Saputra Před minutou +1


  • Asa Jake
    Asa Jake Před minutou +2

    This is so beautiful. My song Selfish is about heartbreak and depression. If just one of you hears it and is helped by it, it’d mean everything to me.

  • gerli vasconcelos
    gerli vasconcelos Před minutou


  • Rafhael Hemer
    Rafhael Hemer Před minutou


  • אריאל פומרנץ
    אריאל פומרנץ Před minutou

    Best song of Selena ever. I love u so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • bangtan bts
    bangtan bts Před minutou

    العرب اضهروا أنفسكم ❤❤

  • zoelin XD
    zoelin XD Před minutou

    Una indirecta bien directa Justin🖤

  • Marilu Torres-Ramirez
    Marilu Torres-Ramirez Před minutou

    Beautiful and amazing! 💕

  • Light English
    Light English Před minutou +1

    #3 trending in Russia 🇷🇺

  • Kristine Akana
    Kristine Akana Před minutou

    Hopefully now she’ll move on and stop singing about a happily married man 💍💙💍

  • Lara A
    Lara A Před minutou

    FYI this isn’t about Justin it’s about her losing herself to love herself back again

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez Před minutou

    "2 months you replaced us, like it was easy,made me think I deserved it"

  • kıral cemre
    kıral cemre Před minutou

    03:16 she said goodbye for us dudee this is so meaningfull

  • Honey Vee
    Honey Vee Před minutou

    In life, we may meet 4 types of romantic relationship: Passerby/Karmic/ Soulmate/ Twin Flame. 3 of most brings greater knowledge and experience to ourselves.
    Karmic's just how you understand it- stems from past life and rolled over to this lifetime. It's something like on and off or something that is love/hate that you cannot get over with. Soulmate is someone you made a pact in heaven to be with here in the mortal realm. Twin flame's literally like a twin: the other you. When you were created, you were divided into 2, male and female divine energy. Usually have always a runner and a chaser unless divine beings destined for you to work together to do good things for the world, that's when you will be together. It's possible to meet just 1, 2, 3, or chaotically all of them in a lifetime. That's why sometimes, just bec of severe attraction, he/she will leave you for another. This things and experience is designed for us to be our higher self, to let our souls grow.
    Whatever your story maybe, i wish you all happiness.
    (PS: Somehow using the "wish" word feels magical. Don't u thnk so?)

  • Reshhoo__
    Reshhoo__ Před minutou +2

    Who loves selena😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️


  • chacha Math
    chacha Math Před minutou

    Is this the heart wants what it wants new version 🙄🙄

  • ndeah bro
    ndeah bro Před minutou

    Tendencia 1 en 🇦🇷